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Aesthetics Fitness Club GOLD: A space that goes beyond a traditional gym

Mind, body and soul the extremely well—equipped, ultra—stylish Aesthetics Fitness Club GOLD caters for their members’ every need.

Whether it’s spending time working out, joining a group exercise class or simply relaxing with friends and family in their stylish lounge, Aesthetics Fitness Club GOLD is a first—class facility which pleases everyone.

With everything you need to change your body, change your life and change your outlook, Aesthetics Fitness Club GOLD is the perfect choice for those looking for comprehensive solutions— rather than simply just getting their members into shape, the club’s personal training professionals take the time to properly educate exercisers about how to make positive changes for an overall healthier lifestyle.

Founded and run by Marinos and Dimitris Ioakim, the club, located in Paphos, Cyprus, makes a bold statement through its richly—layered interior composed of disparate styles, juxtaposing textures and contrasting colours with the décor all about experimentation and play.  And, as a smart strategy sets the tone for members to have fun and the freedom to explore their potential as they chart their fitness journey.

Intenza Equipment installed in Aesthetics Fitness Club GOLD

Styled to perfection, the gallery wall leads members up to the cardio mezzanine and group workout suites which offer programs such as Pilates, Yoga, Aerial Yoga, as well as TRX, Tabata, Legs and Bums, ABS and, Step and Body Circuit.  The club also includes a massage room for those wanting to relax after an intense workout, or a busy day, as well as a sauna, jacuzzi and indoor pool.  And once exercisers have exerted all their energy, located within the facility’s reception area, the bijoux café offers everything you need to stay fueled or hydrated pre/post—workout.

Intenza Equipment installed in Aesthetics Fitness Club GOLD
Workouts in many gyms offer views of mirrors or brick walls, but overlooking the club’s plethora of strength equipment, is a dedicated cardio mezzanine floor powered by Intenza’s 550 i Series line—up, in a setting where sky, sunlight and scenery are in abundance.
Intenza Equipment installed in Aesthetics Fitness Club GOLD Intenza Equipment installed in Aesthetics Fitness Club GOLD Intenza Equipment installed in Aesthetics Fitness Club GOLD

From beginners just kicking off their fitness journey to runners who prefer to avoid the harsh impact of concrete, or seniors looking for a low—impact, safe workout, the Intenza 550 i Series also has something for everyone.  With varying inclines and speeds, heart rate monitoring and a multitude of workout programs Aesthetics Fitness Club GOLD members can get their sweat on and discover.

A cardio floor favourite, what distinguishes Intenza’s 550 550 i Series from others in their category is the uncomplicated operation afforded by its innovative Uni—Dial™.  Through a simple twist and push, members easily navigate to their program of choice, or choose to hit the ground running via Quick Start.  Functional, inclusive, and versatile, i Series Consoles on Intenza’s 550 cardio unlocks the potential of the broadest range of member demographics due to its inviting design and practical operation. How fitness should feel in the best possible way.

Intenza Equipment installed in Aesthetics Fitness Club GOLD