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uGym. Welcome to a Healthier You!

Inspiring people to live healthier, happier and more joyful lives: uGym is a family—run business with big ambitions.

Located in beautiful Tillicoultry, Central Scotland is uGym, a familyrun fitness business with big ambitions.  uGym is the goto local spot for fitness and recreation however with its stateoftheart offering this unique fitness space has the potential to rival, or even out perform its urban counterparts.

Through adaptive reuse, the property’s past inspired its present industrial chic design.  uGym tapped into the building’s architectural potential and the former mill has now been given a new lease of life. Investing efforts into creating a motivational culture on the gym floor, training zones are divided by walkways.  The main floor hosts a free weight and strength area complemented by the 550 Series Intenza cardio suite.  From work to (work)out, uGym members can soak in the ambience the building affords whilst feeling inspired by the innovation Intenza delivers.

Intenza installed in uGym in Scotland Intenza Treadmill Cardio Line installed in uGym in Scotland

550 Series Treadmill

Designed and engineered for exceptional dynamics, the iconic Intenza Intenza 550 Series Treadmill is made for runners.  Not your average treadmill, Intenza’s 550 Series is built to stand up to the most demanding gym environments and has appeal to those who want more out of their treadmill workouts.  With a top speed of 25 km/h the 550 Series enables users to train at a greater variety of paces, including those ideal for a mile to marathon length run or sprint training, and the increase in maximum incline from 015% is great for walkers who want an additional challenge with an increased opportunity for fat burn.

550 Series Escalate Stairclimber

One machine, countless benefits.  The awardwinning Escalate Stairclimber is the ultimate user experience.  What distinguishes the Intenza Escalate from others in its category is its innovative and inclusive functional touches which seamlessly fuse design with function and versatility.  With our patented Smart StepHeight™ technology, this stairclimber accommodates diverse fitness levels through offering 20 different step heights, 1019.5cm (4—7.7”), making it ideal for active agers, those looking for an intense HIIT experience or who need a lowimpact rehab session.  Its smooth lines, contoured handrails and eyecatching structure give the cardio floor a contemporary aesthetic.

550 Series Elliptical Trainer

Featuring 40 levels of resistance to match your fitness level, this incredibly fluid machine affords a variety of workouts, from lengthy, steadystate cardio sessions to short, fastpaced interval training and with a stride length of 5255cm (20.421.6”) ensures a comfortable and effective session for taller users.  Not your typical Elliptical Trainer, Intenza’s incline feature offers 16 levels up to 40 degrees allowing for a change in motion shape and preparation for climbingspecific goals, such as hiking or trail running or the targeting of lowerbody muscle groups. And most importantly, the feet of those training are correctly supported during strides through the focus of weight being placed on the whole foot, not the toes, so any numbing sensation or overworking of the calves is eliminated.

Intenza Treadmill Cardio Line installed in uGym in Scotland Intenza Treadmill and Escalate Stairclimber Cardio Line installed in uGym in Scotland