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Movement = Happiness

Regular movement helps people age more slowly and live healthier, more vigorous lives. Why not try cycling and pedal towards a happier, healthier life #tomorrowtoday?

The benefits of exercise are undeniable at every age.  However, movement is something that becomes increasingly critical as we get older in order to help with age—related ailments.  As we begin to age, exercising and health goals shift and although major concerns may no longer be about achieving a beach—ready body, building strength and retaining muscle mass remains important.  In short, exercise becomes more about flexibility, mobility and balance.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines healthy aging as “the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age.” This includes an individual’s ability to meet their basic needs; learn, grow and make decisions; be mobile; build and maintain relationships; and contribute to society.

Healthy aging isn’t just about living longer— it’s about making the most of your life.
Intenza Fitness 550 Recumbent Bike User

The Ultimate Low Impact Exercise

Cycling is a great feel—good exercise and as the word implies, it is a smooth and steady movement where muscles are engaged without too much stress brought on the knees and ankles.  And, the fact that it’s a low—impact exercise makes it a perfect physical activity for seniors or those recovering from injury.

Thanks to its ergonomic seating, the Intenza 550 Series Recumbent Bike is a comfortable ride with a generous seat that features back and waist support, allowing riders to literally lounge back and put up their feet while they train.  And, while this position is highly comfortable and hardly feels like a workout, it’s simultaneously practical because body weight is transferred from the joints and knees onto the machine itself thus alleviating the knees from extreme strain.

Like other stationary bikes offered by Intenza, the 550RBx offers 40 different resistance levels, allowing for a wide range of exercise options.  The step—through design with low—profile seat allows exercisers with limited movement to get on and off the bike easily, as it does not require a wide range of hip motion or lifting of the leg.  Or for those who do have knee concerns, the range of motion can be controlled by the position of the seat— further distance from the console means a smaller degree of bending for the knee and vice versa.

Intenza Fitness 550 Recumbent Bike User

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Whilst recumbent bikes may seem like comfort cardio, looks can be deceiving— they are great cardiovascular machines and an excellent way to work the lower body muscles.  Pedaling hard and fast gets the heart pumping and the legs burning!  Pedaling at a high resistance, or doing interval training, on the recumbent provides a vigorous workout.  Exercisers can choose from 16 preset programs on the 550RBx, and save profiles onto USB for convenient access to customised programs.

Intenza Fitness 550 Recumbent Bike User Intenza Fitness 550 Recumbent Bike User

Pedaling Towards Happiness

In and out of the gym, biking is great for physical health.  Cyclists know the physical benefits of the sport: heart—pumping aerobic exercise, leg—toning and strengthening and increased endurance.  But a less visible benefit is the positive effect on our emotional wellbeing— good physical health leads to good emotional health.  Moving our bodies is one of the best ways to foster a chemical reaction that leads to happiness.  According to Gregory Berns, MD, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Neuroeconomics at Emory University: “Aerobic exercise is probably one of the best releasers of dopamine” and physical activity is one of the best ways to release this chemical.

Regular movement helps people age more slowly and live healthier, more vigorous lives. Why not try cycling and pedal towards a happier, healthier life #tomorrowtoday?

Intenza Fitness 550 Recumbent Bike User
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