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Bring Purpose To Your Resolution

While making resolutions is easy, sticking with them is not. Why not choose the Escalate Stairclimber? Smart machine. SMART (re)solutions.

With a new year comes the opportunity to kick—start resolutions and exercise and wellbeing are no exception, but why not do things differently by setting small, attainable and SMART goals?  Coined by George T. Doran in 1981, SMART is an acronym used to describe a particular concept and method for effective business management goal setting, but its potential applications extend far beyond business into any area or endeavour where you may want, and need, to set feasible goals. The SMART system defines 5 criteria that an effective goal must meet—

(S)pecific.  The goal must define a specific area for improvement or progress

(M)easurable.  There must be a way to quantify progress objectively so keep track of your progress

(A)chievable.  This must be something you believe that you can achieve by a point in time— too big a step too fast can leave you frustrated

(R)elevant.  Is this goal in line with your higher purpose or vision?  Are you making it for the right reasons?

(T)ime—bound.  Make sure your timeline allows you to reach your goal in a realistic span of time

Applying the SMART framework will give you the best chance of achieving your goals and like the Escalate Stairclimber it’s a highly effective tool.  A cardio powerhouse, stairclimber benefits are huge and unlike real stairs which do not provide you with differing levels of resistance, on the Escalate the harder (and higher) you step, the harder you work!  And additionally, because going downstairs places a huge strain on your joints, especially the knees, there is no strain on your joints on the Escalate as you are always on the upward climb, so it provides a low—impact, joint—friendly workout.

Applying the SMART framework will give you the best chance of achieving your goals and like the Escalate Stairclimber it’s a highly effective tool.

If you’re new to the gym, start with 15 minutes then build up so you can stay on the stairclimber for around 30 minutes which will burn about 270 calories.  You should try to aim for a speed of about 60—80 steps a minute as this will ensure a decent pace to get the benefits without tiring yourself out too quickly or having to reduce the resistance to a minimum.  And, to take your workout to the next level, increase the step—height or resistance rather than the speed.  If reducing belly fat is your goal then the Escalate is great too, the aerobic exercise you gain from stairclimbing is part of a calorie burning workout that also works your ab muscles and strengthens your core, strengthening those muscles underneath the belly fat and helping to keep your tummy toned.

If working quads and glutes are your goal, then stairclimbing takes things to a whole new level.  Climbing the Escalate is unique in that you must push against gravity throughout a larger range of motion than most other pieces of cardio equipment thus placing a greater demand on the quads and glutes.  Your legs take turns moving almost all of your bodyweight throughout the entire workout, which doesn’t happen when you’re running, cycling or rowing.

It’s easy to switch up your routine on the Escalate so your body doesn’t get used to it.  Both interval and steady—state work are possibilities, and it’s easy to make things interesting by skipping a step, side—stepping or incorporating butt kicks.  The options are endless.

For members whose focus is running and goal is improving running performance, there are benefits to adding the Escalate to their routine.  The Stairclimber does more to improve leg strength than running, by activating most of the major muscle groups in the lower body— you can also give yourself a break by varying your workout routine after long runs, which can protect your joints.  Stronger leg muscles can lower the risk of knee injuries, as your muscles help reduce wear on joints by providing greater stability.

By using your own body weight, the Escalate works out most of the major muscle groups in your legs, increasing strength and improving muscle tone.  It can also improve heart and lung function, as well as lower the risk for a wide range of cardiovascular diseases.  In short, the Escalate gives climbers a full workout in one machine.  Furthermore, stairclimbing can protect your bones as they age.  By using your body weight to add resistance to your workout, they increase bone density, which lowers the risk of fractures.  Escalate Stairclimber.  Smart machine.  SMART (re)solutions.  #howfitnessshouldfeel

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