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Run Smart. Run Hard. Run Happy

Whether you're a novice runner or have a few marathons under your belt, the Intenza 550 Series Treadmill has a running workout for you to challenge your body and boost your fitness level.

Walking, jogging, endurance running or sprinting at a high—intensity pace: all of these fitness modes are made easy on Intenza’s 550 SERIES TREADMILL to offer runs that feel natural and invigorating.


Treadmills have always been part of the gym landscape, but now they’re headlining in their own right with treadmill—centric workout concepts which allow runners the opportunity to join a community and experience an intense workout that may be impossible to do solo.  From cosmopolitan clubhouses to premium chain clubs, boutique gyms and hotels— we’re at the heart of these communities.  Intenza complements lifestyles and aspirations where fitness is part of life.  Operators appreciate the value of Intenza innovation and service.  Members enjoy the ultimate running experience.