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Seeking (dis)Connection?  Take a Digital Detox

Whilst smartphones act as a hub for a myriad of activities, device—free time is as important as work—life balance.

Whilst smartphones act as a hub for a myriad of activities, device—free time is as important as work—life balance. Thanks to our smart phones, we’re less present and more distracted than ever— connecting less and less with those around us and constantly stressing about the fear of missing out (FOMO).  Taking a vacation from electronic devices, and the online world in order to regain balance in the real one, has become a mainstream global trend; and as far back as 2010, Mintel highlighted the awareness of increased digital dependency, predicting that consumers would want to take significant breaks from their digital devices.

With the summer vacation season in full swing, many of us are preparing to take annual leave.  Time away from the 9 to 5 routine is a great opportunity to reconnect and prioritise health.  With reduced pressures and commitments, it's the time to recharge your batteries, so why not take things to a new level with a digital detox?  Switch off.  Get active.  Return home feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Uniting luxury and ultimate fitness fun, with zero compromises on either side, the Max Beach enclave is located at Playa Riviera in the popular coastal holiday resort of Mijas Costa on the Costa del Sol, Spain.  It’s hardly a hidden gem; since finding favour with bohemian artists and writers in the 1950s and 60s, discerning holidaymakers have been vacationing here for years.  But what makes this location so special is that this beautiful resort was designed to blend into the seascape.  And a magical seascape it is.

Adjoining Max Beach is @maxgym.mijas a new, purpose—built 500m² gym on the upper level of the site.  Running on the Intenza treadmill you might find yourself out of breath— not just because you’re putting your skills to the test, but because the views across the Mediterranean waters are breathtaking.  And, after an early morning workout on Intenza cardio, exercisers (minus the phone) can enjoy breakfast downstairs by the chic 25—metre pool deck.

Managed by David Segorbe, World Powerlifting Champion and world record holder in deadweight, expect a well—oiled team of professionals at Max Fitness who take pride in knowing your name and making your workout as pleasant as possible.  “In our centre, both elite athletes and anyone who wants to improve their health and physical fitness have a place,” says Segorbe, “since the beginning, we’ve worked with the idea of becoming a reference centre, with well qualified and experienced professionals and, of course, with the latest trends and technology in the sector”.

Take it to The Max

If your idea of a holiday doesn’t involve working out, there are still plenty of other ways to get active and it doesn’t get much better than swimming at the Max Beach resort.  Swimming is a great full body workout and there are plenty of water—centric activities to throw yourself into such as surfing, paddle boarding, pool volleyball or snorkeling.  Even if it’s for just half an hour a day, it will help to get your endorphins flowing and your heart pumping, which in turn can help to boost your mood, increase your energy levels, and keep you in shape.

Switch Off to Recharge

For the ultimate summer vacation detach from your device.  Learn how to switch off from being connected 24/7 and reconnect with the real world.  You might be surprised by how much time you suddenly have to (actually) enjoy your vacay! #howfitnessshouldfeel #futureme