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Intenza TV_____Ambassador Inspiration. Laura and Elien

Up your game and get inspired by our Ambassadors Laura Restrepo Restrepo and Elien Janssen

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of exercise, or a seasoned gym member, the Escalate Stairclimber gives you an excellent combination of intense, yet scalable, exercise combined with low impact on your joints.  And, the extra work received by your quads can be fantastic for sculpting your legs, calves and glutes as demonstrated by Escalate Ambassador Laura in her workout.  Or, if you’re a runner like Intenza Brand Ambassador Elien Janssen, who is training hard on the 550 Te2, for the upcoming full distance Ironman Kalmar 2020, it’s a great strategy to diversify training by climbing on the Escalate to ease pressure on your joints and keep yourself in good condition for upcoming races.