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Intenza Fitness. Your Wellbeing Partner

If you’re looking to maintain your healthy lifestyle whilst away, it’s easier to do because many hotels have made wellbeing a priority with special amenities that will leave you feeling refreshed instead of jet—lagged. Whether it’s getting active, practicing meditation, eating organic or trying new spa treatments, these retreats, powered by Intenza cardio, make it easy to unwind when you're on vacation.

Hospitality is never just about a place to stay.  It’s the opportunity to immerse into new cultures and discoveries, and whether it’s business or leisure, travellers are increasingly keen to maintain their fitness regimes when they are are away from home.

Hotel facilities are now designed to integrate wellbeing into every detail— from peaceful paint colours to natural lighting, calming acoustics, relaxation nooks, and much more— hotels are building and designing in a way that is “healthy for humans” and those that offer high—end equipment, accompanied by modern design and Instagram—worthy aesthetics, are bringing in new guests and inspiring entirely new revenue streams.  Additionally, the hotel gym may serve as the meeting point for the neighborhood run club or as the pre—gathering space for the rooftop yoga classes.  And increasingly, the guestroom itself now serves as the premier private fitness space with in—room training zones.

On an operational level, hotels must put their sustainable credentials front and centre, which makes Intenza your wellbeing partner.  We are committed to delivering the best product experience to you but not at the expense of the planet.  Creating an economically clean manufacturing system that is enduring and sustainable is critical to delivering on that commitment.  Our 100% energy efficient manufacturing facility remains one—of—a—kind in the industry and operates on the same principals upon which it was conceived: health, sustainability and simplicity.

The very essence of Intenza is mindfulness, a belief that embodies authenticity, audacity and wellbeing. It’s compelling yet subtle, decisive yet profound, and that’s how fitness should feel.