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Healthy Employees Are Happy Employees

According to the poet Maya Angelou: “When you know better, you do better” and responsible employers know the importance of promoting employee fitness.

Moving from being a nice perk to a must—have, employee fitness rooms have increased among organisations seeking to provide employee job satisfaction and improved workplace productivity with designated spaces for personnel to focus on their health, recharge or momentarily escape the day—to—day stresses of work life and such offerings are often valued higher than their salary.  But it’s not only on the employee side of business that corporate wellness can make a profound impact.  A study by Harvard University researchers who reviewed 36 studies of corporate wellness programs found that for every dollar spent on such programs, the company's absenteeism—related costs fell by about $2.73.

Listening, the corporate world realises that beyond retaining top talent, offering the right mix of health—related initiatives can also decrease the level of employee disengagement and there are multiple ways companies can help improve employees’ work—life balance and subsequently performance.  Thinking beyond the desk, several companies (pre COVID—19) have already started to implement flexible work arrangements such as working from home, or creating in—house locations where employees can carry out their work assignments.  Focus on the quality of the work environment for example, has also been considered by managing noise levels and implementing more private areas and Patagonia, the outdoor clothing company, has been way ahead of the curve, providing on—site child care for 33 years.

Corporate wellbeing programs are a win—win in the workplace, where healthier employees are happier, and happier employees are more productive, which leads to corporate financial health

When incorporated correctly, bringing fitness and mindfulness practices into the workweek provides a myriad of benefits for employers and employees alike.  Many of the common ailments that people experience at an office job such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, low back pain, neck pain, shoulder, hip, knee pain or foot pain can be remedied with specific exercise.  Often the pain experienced is muscle pain near the joint where the muscles attach.  As the muscle begins to lose its ability to contract the muscular attachment sites, and the associated tendons, begin taking on excessive stress.  If a muscle is functioning optimally stress is distributed throughout the entire muscle.  Dysfunctional muscle will be unable to distribute stress effectively which then results in muscle pain.  Muscle pain and osteopathic pathologies disrupt an employee’s ability to execute their work effectively.

Employee’s who are in pain will have a decline in their work quality therefore, a company who provides a corporate fitness program that lowers the chances of its employees developing degenerative health diseases, and the associated pains, will result in better employee retention, a decrease in sick pay, sick leave and absenteeism.


Healthy Leaders + Healthy Teams = Healthy Organisation

As a much—needed outlet for stress, developing a culture of wellness, and a sense of teamwork and camaraderie among teams, a workplace gym can be an absolute asset to your employees and when a business makes the commitment to install a corporate fitness centre, they are making a statement about how important their employees’ health is.  But the positive impact is about way more than profitability.  Health tends to breed happiness in a very real way.  When companies prioritise wellness goals, especially combined with career development, the result is a more positive work environment, and subsequently successful employees. Employers are now using corporate wellness programs to increase employee engagement and to become an employer of choice.

BioMed Realty has opened a brand new, corporate fitness centre which focuses on employee wellbeing by offering high—end cardio equipment from Intenza, the world’s leading sustainably—built fitness equipment brand.  With future—forward solutions such as Intenzacast™ and InCare™ as well as the shared value of sustainability, both Intenza and BioMed Realty provide solutions for tomorrow, today.