Brand Stories

PTs Rock

A personal Trainer is essential to achieving goals, whether they be fitness—driven, sport—based or for weight management.

From helping you reach fitness goals to exercising safely working with a Professional Trainer is one of the best pre—investments you could make in your overall health and wellbeing.

Prioritising a healthy lifestyle leads many gym members to seek advice on exercise from personal trainers; but there are many reasons why a Personal Trainer is essential to achieving goals, whether they be fitness—driven, sport—based or for weight management.  PTs mentor their clients in achieving and maintaining goals, but more significantly they help re—evaluate how both health and wellbeing are viewed and these are key to establishing lifelong exercise habits.  Nutrition and lifestyle play an essential role in the overall picture too.

Fitness can be confusing.  PTs are grounded in wisdom and trained in teaching “how to exercise”.  Education when exercising is important.  The right form, corrected as you go through exercises, will reduce the risk of injury and as your personal cheerleader, a PT will identify new techniques and equipment to push you beyond plateaus while keeping you inspired.

So whether aging gracefully and want to maintain functionality and strength or preparing for your first 5K, a personal trainer can design a fitness program specific to your needs and set the stage for a healthier, happier and more functionally active future.

Beyond the Gym

From triathletes to bodybuilders through to nutritionists and fitness—focused fashionistas, social media is home to a sizeable and growing number of fitness gurus including PTs.  A quick search for the #fitspo hashtag on the internet yields more than 65 million images!

PTs are now micro—influencers trusted, not only by their clients but by their followers and their opinions have high value and reliability.  As trendsetters within their industry PTs can function beyond the gym as a go—to source of information that social media users trust to identify and comment on the hottest products and trends.  Influencer marketing is powerful for brands big and small.

It’s time to get personal.  Influence drives action not just awareness.  Our message to fitness operators is personal trainers are your best ambassadors.  Encourage them to share content on their personal pages— every time your crew share content, you increase your organic reach, followers’ motivation is boosted and together we #makeeverystepcount